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We offer plans for teams and projects of all sizes.

Each subscription tier comes with unique features, and a base monthly fee.

In addition, users on all plans pay for each render. See API Usage below for more info.

Basic Plan

$15 USD / month + API usage

  • Unlimited Text Generation
  • Unlimited Image Generation
  • Unlimited Speech Generation
  • Document Editor with Real-Time Collaboration
  • 1 Private Workspace
  • Commercial License (excluding Film & TV)
  • Custom Image Model Training coming soon

Pro Plan

$99 USD / month + API usage

  • All features from Basic, plus:
  • Unlimited Shared Workspaces
  • Custom Model Training coming soon
  • 3 Custom Voice Clones coming soon
  • Professional V.O. Voices

Enterprise Plan

$999 USD / month + API usage

  • All features from Pro, plus:
  • Film & TV Usage Rights
  • Unlimited Custom Voice Clones coming soon
  • Team Billing coming soon

API Usage

Computation time varies based on your input (such as your quality settings, prompt, etc).

Because of this, we tally the amount of time that your request runs and we bill by the second.

Typical examples of costs per render type:

  • Text Generation: $0.01
  • Text to Image: $0.10
  • Text to Speech: $0.10

⚠️ Note In the event of a failed render, you will not be billed.